The Future of Energy

The future of energy is a little bit of everything with caution.

In Bengali, there is a saying that, “in trying to dig out a worm, you might face a python instead.” I think rushing towards anything with desperate good intentions will result in unintentional outcomes, which may threaten human civilization.

What I see happening rapidly across the world is the development of AI and the transition to solar power. I think we should be cautious. The last thing we want are machines that rely on the sun for energy and have the capacity to think and make decisions. I don’t take Professor Stephen Hawking’s warnings about AI lightly. I think he understood life, consciousness, and the diverse fields of energy in the universe quite well. We should listen to him.

There is no such thing as clean coal. Get rid of it.

Oil and gas — don’t be so quick to trash it. Improve the technologies of purification and use. Crackdown on the corruption between oil and gas companies and intelligence agencies/agents they rely on to control ownership, extraction, demand, and the design of our cities. Shift the intelligence agencies to wholeheartedly serve consumers and return to integral civic service. Finally, governments should eliminate all subsidies to oil and gas companies — they do not need welfare. Let them truly thrive in the free market.

Hydropower is something countries should try to eliminate as soon as they can because rivers need to flow freely, for the sake of the biodiversity rivers host, as well as to provide for all the people depending on rivers upstream and downstream. This is a great undertaking but it is doable. We cannot expect to accomplish it overnight but as our heart grows, and our technological prowess increases — we will understand the cruelty of hydropower and find ways to undo the damage.

Develop new markets for renewable energy without subsidization: solar, wind, cold fusion. The nastiness of cobalt mining may be worse than oil and gas extraction. We should get into this business with a 360-degree mindset, clean and just extraction, design, manufacturing, maintenance, and recycling. At the moment, it is highly irresponsible to push electric cars on people when we even lack the infrastructure for overnight charging.

Nuclear meltdowns are life-threatening. While we shouldn’t eliminate nuclear power stations overnight, we should think about ways to prevent meltdowns, again and again.

Let us end this war now between fossil fuels versus renewables. An industry takes decades to build, and months to destroy. Let us honor all the people who have worked tirelessly to provide oil and gas over the decades, in order for us to fuel our personal and business aspirations, as we build new markets for renewable energy.

I hope oil and gas producers will take it upon themselves to make this holiday season joyous and affordable for families already under COVID duress by being generous with the supply, thereby lowering prices.



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